Explore Sydney’s Hidden Gems

At Sydney Nimble Tours, we’re happy to tweak the itinerary to include more of the places that spark your interest or create a customised tour just for you!


The duration of a bespoke tour is open. The tour time can range from three to nine hours in length. Let us know what you want to see and we will put together an itinerary with an estimated time.

If you just want to see the city, a walking tour without a vehicle is an option.

Inner Sydney Bespoke

It’s not just the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge! A short way from Sydney’s iconic attractions are hidden gems that show both the history of our city and its contemporary sparkle. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • White Rabbit Gallery and neighbouring green building, Central Park

  • Brett Whiteley Studio (Friday to Sunday)

  • Sydney University

  • Short walking tour of Balmain and Ballast Point

  • State Library

  • The Grounds at Alexandria

  • Artisan distillery or microbrewery at the end of the day

Why not check out some or all of these places? They are reasonably close to the city (within 10-30 minutes).

Let us know which destinations interest you and we will reply with a day plan for your approval.

The minimum time is 3 hours, so pick at least two places. If you would like to select most or all of the above places the inner Sydney tour can be made into a longer day (6-9 hours). 

Personalise an existing tour

If you would like to customise one of our other tours (excluding the Blue Mountains which is already a full day) and include one or perhaps two of the above places, get in touch.

Don’t forget to tell us which tour and what place(s) you would like included.

More information

The White Rabbit Gallery and the Brett Whiteley Studio are located in the inner-city areas of Sydney. If you enjoy art you will like these galleries.

The White Rabbit Gallery contains one of the world's most significant collections of Chinese contemporary art, with an emphasis on 21st Century art. The gallery does not charge an entry fee and is owned by philanthropist, Judith Nielson.

The Brett Whiteley Studio was the home and studio of renowned contemporary Australian artist, Brett Whiteley, from 1987 until 1992. It contains paintings, drawings, sculpture, unfinished art and personal items. The studio provides a unique view of this highly talented artist's world.

The University of Sydney was Australia's first university and its campus is ranked in the top 10 of most beautiful campuses in the world. It is an internationally renowned university, has a rich history and some wonderful sandstone heritage buildings. Whilst there we also have the option of visiting the Nicholson Museum.


See some heritage architecture, harbour views, a quircky neighbourhood and an ubran renewal project when we do two short walks around Balmain and Ballast Point .

The Grounds at Alexandria is a former pie factory which has been converted to several restaurants and an organic garden. Its an off the tourist trail place which offers contemporary food and specialty coffee.

Often overlooked by tourists the state library which opened in 1869 has the magnificent Mitchell reading room with books located on the walls over three levels. The library offers a changing exhibition program that can be seen on the first level and a number of items of historical interest.

The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens is located to the east of the city and is an expansive park covering 30 hectares. It contains an outstanding collection of plants and trees from Australia and overseas. If you like nature and would like to see some native flora the Royal Botanic Gardens warrant at least an hour or two hours of your time.