What is Sydney Nimble’s cancellation policy?

If a tour is cancelled less than a week before the tour a fee of $40 is payable.

If cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the tour commencing the full amount of the tour price is payable.

In the event of bad weather what are the options?

We will get in touch and make our best efforts to reschedule the tour.

Alternatively the tour fee will be refunded.

Subject to you being happy the tour could be changed so that the day is more in the nature of a bespoke tour. In this event art galleries, museums and other indoor places may be visited.

Part of the day could, if you are interested, include a food tour of another part of Sydney.

Is it ok to bring babies and children?

Yes we do take infants, children and even teenagers!

We can provide appropriate car seating or use your car seat if you prefer.